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Divorce Appraisals

This type of appraisal requires an appraiser with the experience to understand the very personal nature and legal needs of this assignment.  Finalizing a divorce involves many decisions, including "Who gets the house"? There are generally two options regarding the house - it can be sold and the proceeds divided, or one party can "buy out" the other. In either case, one or both parties should order an appraisal of the residence. In many situations, I have been the sole appraiser and represent both parties with a fair market value of the disputed property. Divorce appraisals require a well supported, professional appraisal that is defensible in court. When you order an appraisal from me, you will get the best in professional service, courtesy, and the highest quality appraisal. Also, with over 40 years of experience in courtrooms throughout the area, I know how to handle the sensitive needs and confidentiality found in a divorce situation. 

Attorneys and Accountants rely on my values when calculating real property values for estates, divorces, or other disputes requiring a value being placed on real property. I understand their needs and I have experience in dealing with all parties involved. I provide appraisal reports that meet the requirements of the courts and various agencies.

As an attorney handling a divorce, your needs may include an appraisal to establish fair market value for the residential real estate involved. As you know, often the divorce date differs from the date you order the appraisal. I am familiar with the procedures and requirements necessary to perform a retroactive appraisal with an effective date and Fair Market Value estimate matching the date of divorce.  Required provisions within the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP),  and within the Appraisal Institute Code of Professional Ethics and Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice, of which I am a designated Senior Residential Appraiser (SRA) member, binds me with both ethics and confidentiality, ensuring the fullest degree of discretion for your client.

 Divorce Appraisal Questions?

Is there something I haven't covered that you are wondering about?  Simply send me your question or call me at 229-347-6927.  I will be glad to discuss the matter privately with you or your attorney, offering suggestions and a course of action with your real estate appraisal needs at this difficult time. 



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